Sunday, October 26, 2008

At Last But So Fast...

I'm bored to dead right now yet I'm so lazy in updating especially with my lousy internet connection. Nevertheless, I'm updating right now. I have a VERY BIG HUMONGOUS news but I'm gonna slip it into my long posting(yet again). Hehe. So those that are really interested in it will have to either read everything or just patiently scan for it. :p

Sports update
I'm gonna start with the most uninteresting(at least to most of you) topic. Haha. Nothing much to say about this actually. At least nothing much that i remembered i wanted to say last few days. Lolz. I do have a feeling about tomorrow's match that Fernando Torres will be playing and not injured though. Its kinda a tactic used by that dumb Spanish manager all these years. Over and over again the same thing. Haha. But its just my prediction and unfortunately(or perhaps fortunately since I'm a Chelsea fan) my instinct s**ks as always as can be seen from my past few posts. :p

And this dumb head(another) football player who actually predicts himself to get the European and World Best Football Player. Cristiano Ronaldo might ring a bell or two of those female "supporters" who watch one of the most famous sports in the world because of good-looking guys. Yes, he is good but that is just plain arrogant. Lets see how long you'll last in playing good football with this attitude. Football is all about teamwork and you don't win single-handedly...Okay, maybe you do once in a while but its just not right with this attitude. Lalala. I don't care but you just don't deserve it. Even though you most probably will get it...duh!

Though it's the news for US. :) (Read here). The story was about those evangelical Christian actually induce fear into the heart of the peoples by "predicting" bad things that will happen if Mr. Obama becomes the president of US instead of Mr. McCain. I won't say too much here but read the article as its really interesting. One of it that caught my attention was that they don't support Democrat Obama because of his stance of not wanting to send troops overseas for the "safety of its country". So basically that spells "Christian Likes Killing Bad People" and "Don't Forgive". Kill all the bad guys and we'll be safe. Yeah... It sounds like an extremely desperate act to change the voters to support McCain. Go figure.

And for Malaysia short news. A news reporter actually resigned after he/she(I don't know) gave a wrong report on our "future" prime minister and got rave review all around(because of the resignation). They said it set the standards of the news media of Malaysia as they only report "accurate" report and the news reporter took up the responsibility and resigned. Haha. Yes, I'm laughing because that set the standards? Ha ha..again..sarcastically. They are right i guess. Accurate. The problem is they don't report on those "bad" things. Making it sounds like everything is safe and sound while they do "whatever" is right(for them). Go figure again.

What I'm waiting for...
Haha. Not the HUMONGOUS news yet. I anticipated so much this coming-soon movie named Quarantine. It is something like Cloverfield and Blair Witch which is by far one of my favorite genre. But after watching a slight preview of Quarantine, I'm a bit disappointed. The plot sounds normal and too simple for my liking. Something like The Hills Have Eyes from the first Point-of-View. A lot of you might feel that Cloverfield s**ks because it makes the viewer dizzy(me slightly) but i really appreciate its plot and my eyes were literally focused on the screen for the whole show. I would rate Cloverfield about 8.8/10. Haha. Don't ask me why its 8.8. But lets just hope this coming show, Quarantine lived up to the expectation. Though, probably not(never) to all of you. Hehe.

Okay, I most probably will be gone by the end of next month. SIA has actually email-ed me asking whether I can join the cadet pilot batch on 28th of November. Of course that's if i pass the MoM's employment pass which i(hope) don't think there will be any problem. So basically I'm leaving soon. MOST MOST PROBABLY. So for all those that really wanna meet up for the last time, do call me up. I'll try my best to meet up with all of you but it seems you guys are much more busy with work than me. Haha. So lets just hope we can schedule the time to fit most if not all. But do call me up when you read this, okay? I'm gonna really miss this place. :)

Virtual Killing
Okay, back to the "news". So basically nowadays, you go to jail if you kill another person...virtually. This female was pissed because she got divorced virtually and hence he killed his allegedly virtual ex-husband in the famous "Maple Story", an online sort of game. And "She has not yet been formally charged, but if convicted could face a prison term of up to five years or a fine up to $5,000." FIVE FREAKING YEARS. What the world has become...

Okay, perhaps the post is less and less interesting. Simply because i have nothing interesting to say but are still somehow attached to the blog and hence the "responsibility" to post something. Haha. Anyway, i got a few interesting questions, quotes etc.

If you are a sensitively religious person, avoid next.
I read somewhere and it actually raised a few questions. Was praying really a spiritual thing or was it all psychological? Religious person might not agree at all with me but being an agnostic me, I do feel it is after all how you interpret "God" that defines a person. You don't have to be religious to be a better person. Religion is what i feel created in the first place to discipline human. Fear induces respect and hence reduces "immoral" actions. (This article) totally reflects what i feel about religions. Things like why someone has to believe in a religion to believe in god?, why i need to be religious to be a moral person?, why you will go to hell if you don't believe in god and go to heaven if you do? - aren't that bullish?. Every single conflicting event is explained with because "God" wants it that way. Because you have to have faith in "Him".
There's also the question of the bible. Interesting statement like Adam and Eve started the world population but sex between their kids or between kids and parents? - isn't that a sin? Wouldn't it be much peaceful if there's no religion - how dividing it is to the world? Just like how the races of human causes havoc around the world. So many questions, yet so little answers. I respect what religious people believe so I would not question your faith, but I hope the same from the extremist to me. Read the article. It's VERY INTERESTING.

One nice quote i found "somewhere" to make your day better(hopefully). "Be optimistic - all the people you hate are going to eventually die". Lolz. And the worst pick-up line for the day - "If you were to say yes, i would marry you right now". Lame with capital L.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Aihhhhhehehe - guess my emotion

Lolz, I've noticed all my posts somehow started with a not-so-happy state. Hence, the above title. Hehe. I'm not really sad or neither am i happy today. I'm pissed(wasn't I all the time?) with something today but i still can cope with it since I'm quite used to it anyway. Lolz. I ain't gonna tell you guys what I'm pissed about since it'll be boring, right? Haha. And EVERYONE I know out there, please do notice that even though I'm sort-of-having-holidays, I'm NOT AS FREE AS YOU GUYS THINK. Nuff said. And I'm not pissed all the time lar. Haha. It's just the way i express myself. :)

I wanted to watch gamarjobat the other day but since i only started to look up in the internet one day before the show ends, there is no more tickets. :( I should have check it out earlier as i don't actually know when they started the show. Ahhh...procrastination kills - my hope. For those who don't know what the hell gamarjobat is, it is actually a 2 guy(from Japan) stand up comedy show that is done without a word spoken. Figure it yourself. Haha. But i saw something rather amusing(didn't I always feel that way?) when i was looking for tickets online.

There's another show at the same place namely "The Man Who Planted Trees" for kids which i felt like giving a jibe at. It costs about RM40-70 each for the show and I really wanna questioned the point of the show. You see, the show which i assume are only attended by "rich people" and thus their kids are "rich kids". How many of you have actually seen a rich kid contribute to the nature of the earth? Yes, I kinda discriminate overly rich and pampered kids, so sue me. These are the kids who threw rubbish onto the street for they are rich, waste money on unnecessary things, cause all the havoc in the world and to save the earth? Read this: Save my ass from mosquito bites instead.

Sodomy of Opposition Leader in Malaysia
Aren't gonna say a lot on this but US seems to be intervening on the case as far as this article goes. But it also seems that they stop doing that because of the US market free fall, i think. But this whole thing is just dumb....

Sports ONLY
Taking another swipe at the football players, I've a lot of bashing to do in this post. In another of the Early Doors(Read here), there's a football player(Chelsea player, yeah!) that actually posted something nasty in his autobiography stating that in a match of the past, he should have punch that fellow instead since he was getting a red card anyway. But i couldn't imagine how Dumb these football players get with a capital D. Why are you publishing such statement when you know its gonna bring you trouble? At least I know there isn't a lot of readers in my blog thus not risking me being caught and prosecuted, in a way. :p

The funny thing is, why are they publishing books anyway? It seems that their life is MUCH MORE FREE then what they always said. Hah! Slave konon. For those who don't know much about football, these players tend to complain themselves of being slave when not being let go by their club(when they are still under contract actually) when these players themselves wanted to move to a bigger or richer club. The latter most of the time...

And a quote from the "paper" - Step forward Mr Joseph Barton: "England did nothing in that World Cup, so why were they bringing books out? 'We got beat in the quarter-finals. I played like s***. Here's my book'." Haha. You see, I'm not the one who said they played like s***. :p

And this guy(coincidently the guy who caused the guy above got the red card and were lucky to not get punched by him) were complaining about how he can't cope with the place the club is at, namely Manchester United. Apparently, this fellow is complaining because he hates the weather where it rains nearly most of the time. And apparently, i felt like smacking him in the face and tell him to just quit his job and sell roti canai under the shade somewhere in Kazakhstan(refer to the last two post). And he said he hate that city cause everyone seems to be working all the time and he seems to enjoy his own country more where people work less(lazy most of the time). Again, go Kazakhstan(refer to the post again). And he also said, "The only time to meet friends is at weekends, but for football players it's the busiest time of all." Ha Ha! Busy....funny. Yet again, get what i mean.

Okay, perhaps it wasn't such an interesting post today as I'm kinda just trying to get by today's post. So, I'm gonna give a review or two for movies(not human). Heh.

Eagle Eye - Overrated.
Max Payne - Slightly Overrated.

There goes my review...Haha. Maybe not.

Eagle Eye - I wouldn't rate as high as a most people would. The action is very good. The storyline was so-so. The ending sucks terribly. It ended too sudden like as if all the sudden the director look at his watch and think its late and he should finish the movie now. But it seems that a lot of movies nowadays are like that...Its pretty much predictable(the ending) anyway, at least to me lar. :p This is a movie highly recommended to those who as long as it consists of lots of action - you love - then go ahead. But catch it nevertheless, not much regrets from me anyway, just a tad bit disappointed. Rating: 7/10

Max Payne - Based on the video game, i wouldn't quite criticize the storyline since its after all off course predictable but i like the mood they bring into the screen as it truly if not fully reflects the character. The thing is, I don't really like Mark Wahlberg and I don't think he fit into character that much(Ah, if only this is done by Heath Ledger). The ending is of course unsatisfactory in my opinion and what the hell about that bitch of the company? Lolz. So, I'm gonna rate this slightly lower than Eagle Eye. Rating: 6.8/10 - slight mar..hehe.

I've watch too many movies that I'm too lazy to recall those in the past. But I'll try my best to review all the movies I watch hereafter, hopefully. :) And do let me know if you guys prefer a more spoiler type of review or something like this will do.

p/s - I changed the size a bit and hope it doesn't look that long a post anymore. Haha. What does p/s stands for anyway? Lolz.

Take carez and cheers

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Currently Inflicted by Insomnia

Okay, I can't sleep now. Serve me right for sleeping that late for the past few days and have very long nap in the evening - if you call a long sleep a nap. It seems that a lot of people is complaining about how long my post is. Haha. But i haven't get enough feedback to change my way of posting. Lolz. So... blehh. Lolz. Lets just hope my gf won't be reading my blog. If not, she'll kill me for sleeping this late. Hehe.

Anyway, I'll try to categorize my post now so you guys can just read what attracts you all instead of reading all of it. Most of my posts will probably start with myself as of what happened to me and stuffs. Then it will be all others. So dividing it into two categorizes already. Enough? Haha. Okay, I guess I will just put a sub-topic title under each new topic/discussion.

MY RANTING(avoid this if you have high blood pressure problem)
It's been quite a bad few days for me actually but lets just hope this one is short. It happens to me quite a lot you see, this bad streak. I mean I think most of you guys...only suffer this for like once a year. But i get it so often that I'm kinda used to it. Every time when things starts to look a bit bright, a string of bad things happen. Lets just hope the pilot thingy wasn't affected... :) A day after i got caught by the "ghost", while walking towards a bank, my watch scratch dearly onto some hard concrete. I don't know what it is called so just leave it that way, unless you gonna tell me... It is not just a watch! I worked as a ride operator and I've knock my watch on all sorts of things back at US but it never scratch a bit. Until this... I was like..
WAT THE HELL?!? Its quite serious and it has some sentimental value to me...i think. Haha. But wat the hell. I even knock my toe nails at the post office and then while having nap i dream of driving my precious car down a drain and i can actually FREAKING hear the sound! And then at night i dream of being chased by something back at my old house and I actually have to take out the windows(It's the type where you can take a part by part out - poor people's house window :p) one-by-one and when i get enough out, i squeezed myself out but halfway through, that something scream and its like right behind me. Damn scary! Haha. Lets just hope this bad streak of mine ends yesterday. :p

F1 crap shyte
I was reading this certain blog or website that i don't remember. This guy actually went to this show from F1 by Hond* Racing F1 Team. The thing that i found dumbshit was that this car is painted to resemble the "dream earth". Apparently, it is trying to tell the world the importance of mother nature by using F1 as a way of "exposing" it. I actually think that is the dumbest way of promoting themselves and the Hond* team in F1. It seems that the way to tell people this world is important is by wasting more than a million on each race car(apparently, that's the cost of ONE race car) and by wasting tons of petroleum and fuel burning to further pollute the environment.
BRAVO dumbass. Then, I read something on FHM about the F1 frenzy that the average height of a F1 driver is actually shorter than me. Lolz. 173cm! and about the same weight as me(65-70kgs). It is important so that they can get into the small crammed F1 car.

All about china

I've also read some interesting stuffs about china like its 1.3 billion population but they don't have enough food to feed them and stuffs like that but i don't wanna bore you guys so I'm not gonna type it here. :p

Girls Girls Girls(Please read this if you are female, please.)
I have this article for quite some time now but somehow only managed to find it now among tons of rubbish in my folder. And I do feel it explained a lot of stuffs that I, from time to time find it hard to explain to female. Guys don't go plainly for looks(at least guys with brains), get it? So we are not interested to those female you girls pronounce as pretty. Its a
different perception all together. Read this article to get more insight as I TRY not to type too long. Lolz. But the article is quite long nevertheless so just read till the end if you wanna understand what I'm trying to tell. 4 pages altogether. Click here.

Childish People
I, from time to time meet people like this and I'm so speechless most of the time...despite wanting to vent on them but knowing that they won't understand(because they are childish), so I didn't. I've seen a lot of "pretty girls" account in friendster or facebook or whatever got hacked and they went on and on about it. The funny thing is this. They would most of the time accuse that person of childish and stuffs like that, but come to think of it, who's worse? Yeah, you have the license to vent but get over it. I'll give an example of a particular case...

At first, she said "Please fucking get a life for YOUR MOTHER'S sake. Stop acting like a kid(why? irc no longer the 'in' trend so you changed to hacking people's msn?) If you DO have the guts, you will come up right in front of my face and confront me and NOT HIDING BEHIND THE COMPUTER FAKING AS ME because you'll accomplish NOTHING at all."

Then, she went out with a set of list to tell how childish he is. The 3rd to 5th caught my attention.
3rd, In what way does it benefit you even if you ruin my reputation? You'll get money? Become famous for being such a faggot? Or getting a prize? Please englighten me. If it does benefit you in anyway, then PLEASE teach me how to be a hacker too. Well, who doesn't want GOOD things?

Haha. Dumb words from an angry person.

4th, Even if you want to TRY to ruin my reputation, please try to do something more meaningful instead of making false statements when the whole world already know that it's not the truth. Because end of the day, you'll just be the laughing stock ; just like how im laughing at you right now about the nude photoshoot. It's SO common sense isn't it?!
Actually, I'm laughing at her when i read this, not the "hacker".

5th, You're my evil twin sister? Tsk tsk.... Look at the way you talk and present yourself. Totally chidlish. Only immature people and kids talk in such a way. Aiyo...... Grow up please.
Lolz, ironic... Way toooo ironic.

So yeah, get a life and do something more meaningful in your life rather then staying at home the whole day long facing the computer screen acting as someone else.
Double ironic.

Apparently, she's a model and seems to be a "quite famous" one, so she told her "fans"...
Do not waste your time chatting with that faker. But for those that wanna 'play along' , you may continue to chat with her.
Oh my, how i wish to chat with her too. It's gonna be so exciting and fun :)
Telling an ambush before doing it, Hah. Only Malacca will fall for it.
and oh, im gonna delete my account soon. and meanwhile, i wont be having any MSN account yet, because i want to carry on with my investigation first..
Investigation, haha. She apparently request her manager to help find out that fellow with the IP address. Lolz. Is that all necessary? Maybe she can marry some England players....

Sorry for the long post but its too interesting to not read finish, no? ... Oh well.

Jokes Jokes Jokes!!!
I got quite a few of emails about jokes apart from those i read from the FHM. One funny email i got shows picture of "something" with its instructions or descriptions badly explained(with correct Chinese description - we can safely assume It's in China). And i mean...badly. If you want, ask the email from me. A few example would be "If you get stolen, call the police at once" at train station, or a shop with sign "Free Jew" and restaurant name "Cabbage and condoms", a "dying right here is strictly forbidden" under a bridge - you can die anywhere else..., or a sign at a river "Take a child, fall into water carefully" - *make it look like an accident*, or a sign outside the toilet "Slip carefully" - apparently you can slip, but just a planned one..., at a market "be careful not to be injured all the times" - once in a while lar, okay?. Haha. There's a lot more but it's more funny with its pictures.

And a few jokes from FHM...

  • Apparently, someone in Singapore gets stabbed every 143 seconds. Poor Bastard.
  • If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
  • How come "I'm sorry" and "I apologize" means the same thing, except it you say them at a funeral.

If you don't understand any of it, ask me. :) And comment on whatever you want here. I suppose female will most certainly debate about that particular topic...For god sake, show some appreciation. Haha. I used two hours to finish this post! LMF you guys. :p


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shyte! Freaking Dumb Instinct Example

I'm freaking freaking freaking pissed....for that i did one of the dumbest thing that would put those in "World Dumbest Criminal Series" to shame. Not that i did any crime but what i did was beyond my own imagination...if i do have imagination at all that is. I was at this junction driving when the sleepiness in me told me to turn despite knowing that there is often "ghost" waiting upon the road ahead. I moved out a bit to peek and thinking that its so early in the morning, the junction is hardly used, so there probably won't be any "ghost" around. So turned i did and also did i least for a second or two. So upon seeing this "ghost", i should have turn to the opposite direction but the "dumb instinct" of me said "I don't think he saw me(since he was busy with this collection...) and I don't exactly broke the rule...i think...". After all, i was really sleepy and couldn't actually think properly as the later me regretted very much for not running away from the "ghost". So i paid RM17 to go home and get my sleep(but i ended up typing this blog anyway...). Don't ask me why it's RM17 cause i lied to him that that's all I'm left with dumbly showing him what i wore. Okay, so i did get a thing or two from this. I was lucky? cause he did not notice i wore sandals while driving(which is not allowed if you don't know) and he told me my license is going to expired tomorrow - which i did not realize(for those who still don't know what the hell I'm mumbling about, I hope you are now...).

All these are actually what i felt caused by the stupid "department" in the government who smartly made a website that is so-not-friendly user. I should have finished this application for "Letter of Good Conduct" few weeks ago if i downloaded the CORRECT COPY. You see, i went to 3 different place to find the lawyer that is also the commissioner of oath and called two other before finally found one quite far away and i have to go back to my school TWICE and also the hassle of reprinting the forms and photostating it. Why would they need those anyway? Gosh...not like the lawyer or principal of my Secondary School knows about my "bad conduct" if i do have one recently...WHAT'S THE POINT OF GETTING THEIR SIGNATURE AND ASSURANCE THEN? You guys should have the "record" of my criminal if i do have one, isn't it? Goshhh. Even costs me like RM50 for the whole thing including the "RM 17 for cleansing" for the junction was the one i used to get to the nearby post office.

Okay, enough of those. You guys are probably getting bored with me talking about myself...:p I don't really have a lot of things to blog here...i think...hehe. First up, I'm gonna give you guys some sports update. During the recent World Cup qualifier of England vs Kazakhstan(have to refer back..again), Ashley Cole(a player for England) got booed after he caused his own team to concede a goal(comically actually). I shall not elaborate too much on that but what bothers me is that his "friends or teammate" defended him dearly for the booing. The thing here is that, why make such a fuss out of this? Good football player that got such reception will fall into mediocrity while exceptional players rise from the challenges. However, the world of football nowadays are full of kiddo and immature players where they, despite receiving more salary in a week than to me in a year(or maybe 2), they rant and complained much more than me. GROW UP!
p/s - This is especially to England players as i don't see other players from other country complained as much...and they sux in football - final.

Then, I've read something rather interesting in the web for the past few days. First up, is this.
It tells us where is the "money" that is lost because of the downfall of the market in US. Apparently, it says that all the stocks in the markets are just some sort of ASSUMPTION that the money is there. When the market falls, the value falls, and the "money" disappear. It tells me only one thing. You can have all the money in the world but nothing beats those money can't buy - okay okay..i know It's not related but i just wanna plagiarize the quote from MasterCard.

Up next, i was reading a news using the Yahoo main page when i saw this website.
It tells the girls out there how to make your guy love you more. Lolz. First of all, this is by no means any hint to my girlfriend but just a knowledge i thought i should share with everyone(guys and girls alike) out there. The concept is really simple. Make your boyfriend feel that way and he'll felt being with you means a world to him.

1st - To protect. Even with the evolving society nowadays, male are still what i would say "the protector" for our species. Male are MOSTLY born with this instinct and the urge to protect their beloved is undeniably there most of the time. As a girlfriend, make him feel that you needed him in your life. The catch here is - don't overdo it. If it felt like you needed him all the time and without him you will die, then you can expect it to be over soon. No, this is no fairy tales or whatever. THIS IS REAL LIFE, so get used to it.

2nd - Freedom. As told in the first point. Don't over-rely on him! Don't expect him to change! Don't say don't! :p Love him for who he is and not trying to change him(it might turn out worse if he did change). If you don't love him for who he is...why are you loving him in the first place? Let him have his social life and you have yours. I know most would disagree with me for this but it actually comes down to each of your personality. Apparently, i felt i loved my girlfriend more when i actually went out with other girls - the reason? - seeing the downside of other girls make you appreciate your girlfriend more. The more important thing is of course trust and maturity itself. If both of your are a secondary school student(or a mind of those), i would suggest you stop reading these as these in not applicable for you.

3rd - To shine. All guys are a way. Everyone likes to be respected and to stand in the spotlight but it applies more for guys. Guys are born with certain leadership in them and being able to use it SUCCESSFULLY, increases their self-esteem. And increased self-esteem brings to the happy them AND if you were the one causing them to feel that way, bravo, they would appreciate you more. Simple as that. Simple things like laughing at their jokes, listen to them when they are ranting(me), hug him in front of your friend, quote-"ask him to stand between you and another guy who you feel is too close at the bar" can all do wonders. :) Let him rave.

4th - Comfort. Being comfortable with you means everything to him. If he can't be feel comfortable with you now, how can he do it for the years to come? Nuff said.

A few interesting points that I've read and wish to point out is these...
  • Career is more important for them - period.
  • Fight and argue if you need! Don't keep it in your heart.
  • Wear his clothes and wear soft materials(rayon, silk) - go figure.
  • Quote - "Guys often hold back because they think most chicks are baby-hungry ring-hunters" - nuff said.
  • Change your style once in a while - he won't get bored with you and curious bout others.
  • Make him happy.
  • If you shine, and he "got" you, he shines

That's it for today! No movie review. No human review. Just a "simplified" joke for you to get through your day quote from the FHM magazine this month. "16 things we should have grown out of...". A few such as sibling abuse, picking your nose, masturbate as soon as you're alone, perving at boobs in articles about tribespeople, lifting your feet off the ground when pushing a trolley. The funny one - i feel - is this: "pointing excitedly at planes" - sole exception: when it's heading towards your office.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Sorry for the very late update guys - people that are following my blog which i doubt there is a lot because there is no comments :( lolz. I don't like to do things a bit at a time and guess that's the reason it took me a while before finally give a very long post now. There's so much i wanna type out right now which might result in readers needing some eye drops if they were to read all of it but i'll try to make the suffering and torturing short. :p

First thing of all, can anyone tell me why the hell the brain works much better when i'm on my bed trying to sleep? Somehow, the idea on what to write in the blog tends to visit me while i'm in a relaxed environment....thus causing me to hope that there's a machine or some sort that read's my mind every single time i want it to and store it somewhere. Okay, i'll stop this crap and continue with my rant.

Sorry to those who were expecting the post that i promised last week as i have more important things(ranting) to tell here rather than those which i can always keep it for some other time. Perhaps time where you guys can't find me again so that i won't get beaten up.

Okay, first up. I went to service car the other day and as usual, i report as many things that i think that need fixed to the not-so-nice lady at the counter. And as usual, i do not expect everything to be fixed, just hope that they don't worsen the status of the car. But the main thing isn't this. It is while i was waiting at the sofa area with a tv in front tuned to some boring-chinese-malaysia drama. I was rather sleepy and tired that day as i woke up very early at about 8am(ask my friend and they'll be suprised...haha) but i picked up the newspaper and read(stare) it anyway. Until this fellow malay gentleman who came and do the same thing. After a while, he stood up and walked to the tv and changed the channel to a boring-malay-malaysia drama. Not only that, he increased the volume quite a bit. I'm okay with it UNTIL he get back to his F**king sofa and F**king SLEEP!!! ASSHOLE! Okay...much better now. Heh.
p/s - I don't have anger management problem!....

Next up. As i was saying, i did gain something afterall while reading(staring) at the newspaper during the car servicing. I read something about "cloud computing" or something like that where there is a proposal that more surveillance system are implement to all sort of communication via the internet. That said, everytime you send an email or even chat on msn, EVERYTHING you said will be recorded! I don't remember where it is proposed and what is the reason they gave. *bite me*. But what i do know is this, it is afterall better to send your messages with a trained bird like how the ancient used to if this actually happen. You would probably get caught even if you were joking in the internet that you are going to kill someone. Reminds me of a movie about a technology in the future that they are able to predict a person's criminal *activity* or planning before it even came through their mind and so they will be caught beforehand. Don't ask me why i say this as i'm really blur right now. But screw the so-called democracy. There will never be such thing in this world unless you want your country to be like those secluded middle east country where you can kill and rob anyone you like - that's democracy. Anyone gonna second that?

--I'm trying to link the stories here--

Which brings to something funny i read in some "Early Doors" update of the premiership. For those who don't often read news through yahoo sports, it is some sort of morning paper for the premiership aka English Premier League(EPL) for those sports-noob.

Before i jump into that, i freaking accidentally cancelled my download of patch with took me 2 hours to finish while i was typing this blog when i pushed enter!!! Now i have to start downloading it all over again. God knows why i can't download it using b-t*omet(due to license problem) :P

Anyway, they are quite funny at times and lame at others. This particular morning dose was about Kazakhstan(I have to refer back to the web twice to get the spelling right) which is England next opponent in a World Cup qualifier match. The "paper" started the *Kazakhstan Confidential* with "FIVE THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT KAZAKHSTAN AND WERE TOO UNINTERESTED TO ASK".

1. Who they are? - For those who have watch the movie Borat before should get a slight insight on what this country is all about(including the disgusting gay fight in the movie scene). There is a 15 millions population(WOW!) in the country but yet not a lot knows anything about them. The reason - as proclaimed by the Early Doors - "none of them ever seem to do anything". One point of interest is "they do like to consume horses and equine products. Their national dish is noodles with horse meat, washed down with fermented horse milk." Lolz. Sounds so funny like it was some joke but there is some sense of truth in it i guess.

2. Where they are? - It is the ninth largest country in the world and yet nobody seems to know where they are and point them out in the map? I can only roughly do that simply because i was staring a few days at the map after i came back from the first interview with the interviewer *advicing* me to be more geographical aware. They wasn't even in Europe which brings to the next question.

3. Then why the hell are they playing England in the qualifier? - Its because they switched federation from Asia to Europe just like when Australia got out of their own continent and joined Asia. Enough of these bullsh*t as me myself is getting tired of typing this. Lolz.

Do not read this next 2 paragraphs if you are not interested in politics(neither do i...). Bold to read the next "topic".

So next up, which hopefully is my last "ranting topic". I found out recently that there is a website that publish rather radical and bold news and statements which i can safely assume that a lot of you do not know about since Malaysia is a *democracy* country. I don't fancy politics that much but a news actually caught my attention. I would not comment much on this article as i have far too important things that i can't afford to lose right now.

This gentleman, Datuk Z actually said that Datuk Seri N would not be able to reform the government because Tun Dr. M is still around. The reason being Tun Dr. M has a strong influence on Najib - thus causing him not to be able to do that? As far as we all know, yes, Tun Dr. M used to abuse his power but since he has stepped down from his position, he has become quite pro-democrats which brings to me believing those that are up there have too much power and as we all know, power are tempting. Moreover with those pressure from co-ed to abuse it...
Those comments from Datuk Z - i feel - were rather immature and lame as an attempt to bring down some opposition. In another comments of his that were questioned in the last paragraph of the article, you can see his desperate attempt to defend himself with whatever lame excuse he can think of, for i think his answer is really not-that-smart.

Since i'm done ranting now, i actually thought of giving a few movie reviews. But come to think of it, any reader will eventually come to the point of saturation at this paragraph. So i might as well leave it to my other posts, which hopefully won't be that long after.

P/S - And please readers, do leave comments instead of messaging me at msn about the posts of this blogy of mine. :) I like orange.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Bravery and Uncertainty

I found something rather amusing yesterday about "A man who punched a shark to save his dog". I actually thought it was some kind of joke but it turns out to be true and only happened rather recently. Kinda irony how the world produce surprises from time to time. I even thought it was a typo or misplaced words where it should sound "A dog bite a shark to save his master". Haha. The dog is under care right now and despite heavy laceration at the back of the dog, it is okay. The man actually describes the shark's body is like a concrete when he punched it. Don't ask me how they both survive thereafter cause its not stated. Haha.
You can read more by simply just type out "man+punch+shark+dog" in Google as its all over the news.

And this paragraph onwards will be my ranting again for the day. :P
I hate uncertainty and doubts. That probably explains why I planned everything in my life before i do it(at least those stuffs i deemed important..). I have been planning my life since i was form five or so. Get a degree as a backup before applying for cadet pilot at Singapore. Yes, true, a lot will raise the question of why not join the *I cannot tell here airline* straight after SPM. If given the chance and options, will you work hard to eat Jogoya or will you settle for some sushi sold at Jaya Jusco supermarket? Or will you work hard just to get something you really want or something for something lesser? I've known people from both side of the world(thinking wise) and i understand as well as accept their mindset. I'm not a spoilt-brat myself as I don't fancy nice stuffs all the time(that makes the Jogoya example not suitable for me :P). I'm born and taught to work for what I want. No offense to that particular airline but I would prefer joining Singapore Airline.

BUT what if everything doesn't turn up according to plan? Don't get me wrong. I'm an optimistic type of guy but i do prepare for the worse. True, i do have a backup plan but how much do i really wanna go down that backup road? I've "experienced" taking this backup route before because i did look for engineering job before there was this intake from SIA. I do realized then how much I want to become a pilot and how much i don't like taking this backup route. And there, i went through the first and second interviews which i actually thought i did not do so well. But thank you to *up there*(I'm an agnostic) and SIA for believing in me, at least till now. So i went for the medical check-up and here comes another uncertainty for me. Since SIA has not offered me a contract yet for they need at least a month or two to pass the medical report and apply the employment pass, it has create a certain uncertainty in me. I even heard that some actually only got called up after half a year. So, do i wait or do i work? As the call will come all of the sudden and i need time to settle everything even if i work as free-lance.

That's one of the uncertainty that i worried least. What about if they, SIA don't approve of me? The thing is i can't really do anything other than wait for their news. As these generates even more doubts for me in my life. Do i sell my car now or do i do it when i get the offer? Can i sell it in time before heading for the training? And what about stuffs at home. Do i pack it properly so that constant cleaning aren't needed? And of course a few minor things where moving of those item is involved. Its like all these actually stresses me out this few weeks. Yes, i'm glad it has come down to this but i really wish it'll be at most a 2 months process(that i got offer from them) and not half a year thing.

And of course, my gf. There's so many clouds and doubts that were cast on us now. I didn't know whether this contribute to a certain strain in our relationship but i know you did realized it too. You are a smart and matured girl(that is why i love you so much), and i really hope you understand how much all these means to me so, please...let the future decides the future and let us both appreciate the time we are left with now. Afterall, its the memory and process that counts.

Feels much better now and my next post will probably on judging other people. If you think you'll get offended, then don't read, as i won't put up the real name up anyway. I do feel its a good way of improving oneself when being judge but if any of you are incompetent or easily get offended, then please avoid my next post. Thank you.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Virgin - Not Anymore

I'm kinda pissed right now because my freaking Internet provider STILL HAVEN'T FREAKING REPAIR a few problems where I can't freaking upload stuffs onto anything! It has been a month and I'm not using Streamyx or anything. It's a rather small company which offer broadband to its customers. But I couldn't care more(I guess...) since I will very soon unsubscribe it for some certain reason that most of you guys should already know and I shall not tell in this particular post. Oh, hopefully that explains why there is not a single picture in my blog. Will spice up my blog with pictures if that freaking idiot do solve the problem before i unsubscribe. Or perhaps you can go to my friendster or facebook(although i don't seems bother to upload any nowadays).

Regarding the title of this post, It's not related whatsoever to the physical contact between two opposite SEX(just so you don't miss it). Try not too wander to far away... It's just that finally, I blog. Lolz. Fine, I did say I wanted to start a blog ages ago but only started one now. Instead of giving you tons of reasons, I might as well tell you its because the will to start this did not overcome those other reasons. In fact, I only do this right now just because i have no other better things to do other than wait for money or something nice to fall down from the sky. Metaphorically of course. In other words, I'm REALLY actually waiting for something.

That aside, I'm already a bit pissed with the function of this blogspot. Somehow, i can't get it to type the way i wanted it to.

Actually i wanted to start to rant right away but i might as well leave it to my 2nd post(hopefully :P). I really have a lot to rant right now but i need to eat. Haha. Take carez.