Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rants, reviews, news and more rants - Part 2

Okay, so i basically just split it up into two parts because i felt like it and not because I'm gonna type it in 2 different time period. :p

Movie Reviews...Yay!
Catacombs - Actually, this isn't a review of this movie, apart from it sucks - a lot. The thing is i watched this on Astro - on the exact same time the movie is out in the cinema. I thought it was some other movie but no! It is the exact same one. A woman apparently went to Paris(in was filmed in Romania anyway, probably because of lower costs and better access to the location) to find her sis(i think) and then go party catacomb style and her sis and friends played a prank on her because she is lost and tried to scare the pants out of her. In the end, she was to traumatized and killed all of them. How's that for a storyline. And did i mentioned that it sucks? Rating: 1 out of 10 - because nothing worth watching here at least not for 2 hours, maybe 5 minutes.

Bangkok Dangerous - It was set in Thailand with all the pretty but unpredictable(because you'll never know if she's a male) chick in dangerous Bangkok. So he's a killer and he went to Bangkok to kill. Then things got bad and chaos ensues. In the end, he committed suicide with one of the bad guy. How's that for an ending. The ever convincing play by Nicholas Cage seems to take a different turn in this movie. He don't look that committed to the plot and don't have the "yeng" factor that I've always liked about him here. Those hot chicks only came out in a few short scenes anyway :( Rating: 5 out of 10

High School Musical 3 - I do like "some" musicals but that doesn't make me a gay. Lolz. Anyway, the musics wasn't as good as the second one and the apparels are a bit out of sort in this third installment. It is more touching than the previous two sets but nothing that will make a man weep. Somehow, the misdeed(getting naked on the internet) done by Vanessa Hudgens has tarnish the image of Gabriella in the movie. It does feel weird watching her at times in the movie with her naked picture lingering in your mind. Oh, and this one was more spread out among the characters instead of focusing only on Troy, Gabriella and Sharpay. More focus on especially Ryan, Chad and Kelsi. Kelsi originates from Russia actually but she doesn't posses any "big size" body Russian tend to have and she does have a really attractive eyes in my opinion. In fact, does she even look like Russian? Lolz. Rating: 7 out of 10

Tropic Thunder - Okay, before i watch this movie, i know that it's gonna be lame. But it wasn't as lame as i thought it would be so i came out without cursing at the screen. Okay, maybe my expectation wasn't that high with all those lame movies produced by those people. I never even considered watching Disaster Movie if you know what i mean. But this one turns out to be one where you wouldn't mind wasting your 2 hours with your gf. Not as funny as i thought hence less lame factor. The storyline was obviously gonna be very predictable so no comment on that. Nothing to shout about - in both good and bad way. Rating: 3 out of 10

Note: Sorry for the relatively late reviews as you guys might most probably watch it prior to my reviews. I'm just very lazy to get an instant review right after i watch it. Heh.

Jokes(Must read and watch)...Yay!
Before i start, i recently watched Russell Peter stand-up comedy on YouTube. Okay, I might be very outdated but screw you. Haha. :p
There's tons of it in YouTube but I'm gonna just "emphasize" on a few one.

First up, Beat up your kids. (See here)
Which are also related to one of my topic on Part 1, so go refer. :) The funniest part was "somebody gonna get hurt". Haha.

Second is a rather long one and I'm not sure you guys still can watch or not since YouTube has this "shutting down" videos that will get them into piracy problem. So, try see. (See here)
One thing that I wanna discuss is the last sentence where he said guys will become a jerk when he stops liking/loving you which i think is quite true in a sense. At least most guys are like that, so trust your instinct female out there. I've seen too many dumb female who hanged on to her bf and thought that he will change some time in the future. It will take a miracle, you know - and miracle happens when M becomes the richest country in the world. So, if your heart says bail out - do it. I know its useless i say this because female are often very persistent in cases like this. Human won't believe until they experience it themselves. But those doing so twice are just plain dumb and should stop reading blogs. Those thrice can just go sleep.

And this quote is very very very true. "It is axiomatic that women fall in love first and discover lust later, while men fall in lust and only subsequently learn to love". Though, the sequence is men found lust - woman and man fall in love - woman found lust. Haha!

I will probably give the "human review" i long promised tomorrow or before i start my cadet pilot journey - if i have the mood of course. Hehe.

Take carez.


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