Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Aihhhhhehehe - guess my emotion

Lolz, I've noticed all my posts somehow started with a not-so-happy state. Hence, the above title. Hehe. I'm not really sad or neither am i happy today. I'm pissed(wasn't I all the time?) with something today but i still can cope with it since I'm quite used to it anyway. Lolz. I ain't gonna tell you guys what I'm pissed about since it'll be boring, right? Haha. And EVERYONE I know out there, please do notice that even though I'm sort-of-having-holidays, I'm NOT AS FREE AS YOU GUYS THINK. Nuff said. And I'm not pissed all the time lar. Haha. It's just the way i express myself. :)

I wanted to watch gamarjobat the other day but since i only started to look up in the internet one day before the show ends, there is no more tickets. :( I should have check it out earlier as i don't actually know when they started the show. Ahhh...procrastination kills - my hope. For those who don't know what the hell gamarjobat is, it is actually a 2 guy(from Japan) stand up comedy show that is done without a word spoken. Figure it yourself. Haha. But i saw something rather amusing(didn't I always feel that way?) when i was looking for tickets online.

There's another show at the same place namely "The Man Who Planted Trees" for kids which i felt like giving a jibe at. It costs about RM40-70 each for the show and I really wanna questioned the point of the show. You see, the show which i assume are only attended by "rich people" and thus their kids are "rich kids". How many of you have actually seen a rich kid contribute to the nature of the earth? Yes, I kinda discriminate overly rich and pampered kids, so sue me. These are the kids who threw rubbish onto the street for they are rich, waste money on unnecessary things, cause all the havoc in the world and to save the earth? Read this: Save my ass from mosquito bites instead.

Sodomy of Opposition Leader in Malaysia
Aren't gonna say a lot on this but US seems to be intervening on the case as far as this article goes. But it also seems that they stop doing that because of the US market free fall, i think. But this whole thing is just dumb....

Sports ONLY
Taking another swipe at the football players, I've a lot of bashing to do in this post. In another of the Early Doors(Read here), there's a football player(Chelsea player, yeah!) that actually posted something nasty in his autobiography stating that in a match of the past, he should have punch that fellow instead since he was getting a red card anyway. But i couldn't imagine how Dumb these football players get with a capital D. Why are you publishing such statement when you know its gonna bring you trouble? At least I know there isn't a lot of readers in my blog thus not risking me being caught and prosecuted, in a way. :p

The funny thing is, why are they publishing books anyway? It seems that their life is MUCH MORE FREE then what they always said. Hah! Slave konon. For those who don't know much about football, these players tend to complain themselves of being slave when not being let go by their club(when they are still under contract actually) when these players themselves wanted to move to a bigger or richer club. The latter most of the time...

And a quote from the "paper" - Step forward Mr Joseph Barton: "England did nothing in that World Cup, so why were they bringing books out? 'We got beat in the quarter-finals. I played like s***. Here's my book'." Haha. You see, I'm not the one who said they played like s***. :p

And this guy(coincidently the guy who caused the guy above got the red card and were lucky to not get punched by him) were complaining about how he can't cope with the place the club is at, namely Manchester United. Apparently, this fellow is complaining because he hates the weather where it rains nearly most of the time. And apparently, i felt like smacking him in the face and tell him to just quit his job and sell roti canai under the shade somewhere in Kazakhstan(refer to the last two post). And he said he hate that city cause everyone seems to be working all the time and he seems to enjoy his own country more where people work less(lazy most of the time). Again, go Kazakhstan(refer to the post again). And he also said, "The only time to meet friends is at weekends, but for football players it's the busiest time of all." Ha Ha! Busy....funny. Yet again,...you get what i mean.

Okay, perhaps it wasn't such an interesting post today as I'm kinda just trying to get by today's post. So, I'm gonna give a review or two for movies(not human). Heh.

Eagle Eye - Overrated.
Max Payne - Slightly Overrated.

There goes my review...Haha. Maybe not.

Eagle Eye - I wouldn't rate as high as a most people would. The action is very good. The storyline was so-so. The ending sucks terribly. It ended too sudden like as if all the sudden the director look at his watch and think its late and he should finish the movie now. But it seems that a lot of movies nowadays are like that...Its pretty much predictable(the ending) anyway, at least to me lar. :p This is a movie highly recommended to those who as long as it consists of lots of action - you love - then go ahead. But catch it nevertheless, not much regrets from me anyway, just a tad bit disappointed. Rating: 7/10

Max Payne - Based on the video game, i wouldn't quite criticize the storyline since its after all off course predictable but i like the mood they bring into the screen as it truly if not fully reflects the character. The thing is, I don't really like Mark Wahlberg and I don't think he fit into character that much(Ah, if only this is done by Heath Ledger). The ending is of course unsatisfactory in my opinion and what the hell about that bitch of the company? Lolz. So, I'm gonna rate this slightly lower than Eagle Eye. Rating: 6.8/10 - slight mar..hehe.

I've watch too many movies that I'm too lazy to recall those in the past. But I'll try my best to review all the movies I watch hereafter, hopefully. :) And do let me know if you guys prefer a more spoiler type of review or something like this will do.

p/s - I changed the size a bit and hope it doesn't look that long a post anymore. Haha. What does p/s stands for anyway? Lolz.

Take carez and cheers


AnnJee said...

I find ur movie review too critical. This is my first time hearing ranting of 6.8. 6.8?! LOL. Not 6.5 but 6.8! What a figure.

Anyway, this not my main purpose lah. Just wanna say I like eagle eye. The best scene I recall was the 'eye machine' but the storyline according to the bf, was actually been shown in another movie... sth have to do with robots invention. >.<

Jeffrey said...

Lolz...that's the point wert...
every single .1 point counts...haha

Actually, i think i read something about this movie being a remake of the past...not quite sure if its this movie lar...haha..:p
And as i said in the review...its not as nice as i had in mind...:p