Saturday, October 18, 2008

Currently Inflicted by Insomnia

Okay, I can't sleep now. Serve me right for sleeping that late for the past few days and have very long nap in the evening - if you call a long sleep a nap. It seems that a lot of people is complaining about how long my post is. Haha. But i haven't get enough feedback to change my way of posting. Lolz. So... blehh. Lolz. Lets just hope my gf won't be reading my blog. If not, she'll kill me for sleeping this late. Hehe.

Anyway, I'll try to categorize my post now so you guys can just read what attracts you all instead of reading all of it. Most of my posts will probably start with myself as of what happened to me and stuffs. Then it will be all others. So dividing it into two categorizes already. Enough? Haha. Okay, I guess I will just put a sub-topic title under each new topic/discussion.

MY RANTING(avoid this if you have high blood pressure problem)
It's been quite a bad few days for me actually but lets just hope this one is short. It happens to me quite a lot you see, this bad streak. I mean I think most of you guys...only suffer this for like once a year. But i get it so often that I'm kinda used to it. Every time when things starts to look a bit bright, a string of bad things happen. Lets just hope the pilot thingy wasn't affected... :) A day after i got caught by the "ghost", while walking towards a bank, my watch scratch dearly onto some hard concrete. I don't know what it is called so just leave it that way, unless you gonna tell me... It is not just a watch! I worked as a ride operator and I've knock my watch on all sorts of things back at US but it never scratch a bit. Until this... I was like..
WAT THE HELL?!? Its quite serious and it has some sentimental value to me...i think. Haha. But wat the hell. I even knock my toe nails at the post office and then while having nap i dream of driving my precious car down a drain and i can actually FREAKING hear the sound! And then at night i dream of being chased by something back at my old house and I actually have to take out the windows(It's the type where you can take a part by part out - poor people's house window :p) one-by-one and when i get enough out, i squeezed myself out but halfway through, that something scream and its like right behind me. Damn scary! Haha. Lets just hope this bad streak of mine ends yesterday. :p

F1 crap shyte
I was reading this certain blog or website that i don't remember. This guy actually went to this show from F1 by Hond* Racing F1 Team. The thing that i found dumbshit was that this car is painted to resemble the "dream earth". Apparently, it is trying to tell the world the importance of mother nature by using F1 as a way of "exposing" it. I actually think that is the dumbest way of promoting themselves and the Hond* team in F1. It seems that the way to tell people this world is important is by wasting more than a million on each race car(apparently, that's the cost of ONE race car) and by wasting tons of petroleum and fuel burning to further pollute the environment.
BRAVO dumbass. Then, I read something on FHM about the F1 frenzy that the average height of a F1 driver is actually shorter than me. Lolz. 173cm! and about the same weight as me(65-70kgs). It is important so that they can get into the small crammed F1 car.

All about china

I've also read some interesting stuffs about china like its 1.3 billion population but they don't have enough food to feed them and stuffs like that but i don't wanna bore you guys so I'm not gonna type it here. :p

Girls Girls Girls(Please read this if you are female, please.)
I have this article for quite some time now but somehow only managed to find it now among tons of rubbish in my folder. And I do feel it explained a lot of stuffs that I, from time to time find it hard to explain to female. Guys don't go plainly for looks(at least guys with brains), get it? So we are not interested to those female you girls pronounce as pretty. Its a
different perception all together. Read this article to get more insight as I TRY not to type too long. Lolz. But the article is quite long nevertheless so just read till the end if you wanna understand what I'm trying to tell. 4 pages altogether. Click here.

Childish People
I, from time to time meet people like this and I'm so speechless most of the time...despite wanting to vent on them but knowing that they won't understand(because they are childish), so I didn't. I've seen a lot of "pretty girls" account in friendster or facebook or whatever got hacked and they went on and on about it. The funny thing is this. They would most of the time accuse that person of childish and stuffs like that, but come to think of it, who's worse? Yeah, you have the license to vent but get over it. I'll give an example of a particular case...

At first, she said "Please fucking get a life for YOUR MOTHER'S sake. Stop acting like a kid(why? irc no longer the 'in' trend so you changed to hacking people's msn?) If you DO have the guts, you will come up right in front of my face and confront me and NOT HIDING BEHIND THE COMPUTER FAKING AS ME because you'll accomplish NOTHING at all."

Then, she went out with a set of list to tell how childish he is. The 3rd to 5th caught my attention.
3rd, In what way does it benefit you even if you ruin my reputation? You'll get money? Become famous for being such a faggot? Or getting a prize? Please englighten me. If it does benefit you in anyway, then PLEASE teach me how to be a hacker too. Well, who doesn't want GOOD things?

Haha. Dumb words from an angry person.

4th, Even if you want to TRY to ruin my reputation, please try to do something more meaningful instead of making false statements when the whole world already know that it's not the truth. Because end of the day, you'll just be the laughing stock ; just like how im laughing at you right now about the nude photoshoot. It's SO common sense isn't it?!
Actually, I'm laughing at her when i read this, not the "hacker".

5th, You're my evil twin sister? Tsk tsk.... Look at the way you talk and present yourself. Totally chidlish. Only immature people and kids talk in such a way. Aiyo...... Grow up please.
Lolz, ironic... Way toooo ironic.

So yeah, get a life and do something more meaningful in your life rather then staying at home the whole day long facing the computer screen acting as someone else.
Double ironic.

Apparently, she's a model and seems to be a "quite famous" one, so she told her "fans"...
Do not waste your time chatting with that faker. But for those that wanna 'play along' , you may continue to chat with her.
Oh my, how i wish to chat with her too. It's gonna be so exciting and fun :)
Telling an ambush before doing it, Hah. Only Malacca will fall for it.
and oh, im gonna delete my account soon. and meanwhile, i wont be having any MSN account yet, because i want to carry on with my investigation first..
Investigation, haha. She apparently request her manager to help find out that fellow with the IP address. Lolz. Is that all necessary? Maybe she can marry some England players....

Sorry for the long post but its too interesting to not read finish, no? ... Oh well.

Jokes Jokes Jokes!!!
I got quite a few of emails about jokes apart from those i read from the FHM. One funny email i got shows picture of "something" with its instructions or descriptions badly explained(with correct Chinese description - we can safely assume It's in China). And i mean...badly. If you want, ask the email from me. A few example would be "If you get stolen, call the police at once" at train station, or a shop with sign "Free Jew" and restaurant name "Cabbage and condoms", a "dying right here is strictly forbidden" under a bridge - you can die anywhere else..., or a sign at a river "Take a child, fall into water carefully" - *make it look like an accident*, or a sign outside the toilet "Slip carefully" - apparently you can slip, but just a planned one..., at a market "be careful not to be injured all the times" - once in a while lar, okay?. Haha. There's a lot more but it's more funny with its pictures.

And a few jokes from FHM...

  • Apparently, someone in Singapore gets stabbed every 143 seconds. Poor Bastard.
  • If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
  • How come "I'm sorry" and "I apologize" means the same thing, except it you say them at a funeral.

If you don't understand any of it, ask me. :) And comment on whatever you want here. I suppose female will most certainly debate about that particular topic...For god sake, show some appreciation. Haha. I used two hours to finish this post! LMF you guys. :p



Hazel said...

Don't think you will be interested with my blog. But if u insist then just click on my name.

For your blog, no comment. Lol. Although the model's blog did make me laughed. Haha.

xinchan said...

i wonder who is that model....hmm

Jeffrey said...

hazel - lolz..:)
xinchan - not someone famous till you will know lar...just some model..