Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shyte! Freaking Dumb Instinct Example

I'm freaking freaking freaking pissed....for that i did one of the dumbest thing that would put those in "World Dumbest Criminal Series" to shame. Not that i did any crime but what i did was beyond my own imagination...if i do have imagination at all that is. I was at this junction driving when the sleepiness in me told me to turn despite knowing that there is often "ghost" waiting upon the road ahead. I moved out a bit to peek and thinking that its so early in the morning, the junction is hardly used, so there probably won't be any "ghost" around. So turned i did and also did i least for a second or two. So upon seeing this "ghost", i should have turn to the opposite direction but the "dumb instinct" of me said "I don't think he saw me(since he was busy with this collection...) and I don't exactly broke the rule...i think...". After all, i was really sleepy and couldn't actually think properly as the later me regretted very much for not running away from the "ghost". So i paid RM17 to go home and get my sleep(but i ended up typing this blog anyway...). Don't ask me why it's RM17 cause i lied to him that that's all I'm left with dumbly showing him what i wore. Okay, so i did get a thing or two from this. I was lucky? cause he did not notice i wore sandals while driving(which is not allowed if you don't know) and he told me my license is going to expired tomorrow - which i did not realize(for those who still don't know what the hell I'm mumbling about, I hope you are now...).

All these are actually what i felt caused by the stupid "department" in the government who smartly made a website that is so-not-friendly user. I should have finished this application for "Letter of Good Conduct" few weeks ago if i downloaded the CORRECT COPY. You see, i went to 3 different place to find the lawyer that is also the commissioner of oath and called two other before finally found one quite far away and i have to go back to my school TWICE and also the hassle of reprinting the forms and photostating it. Why would they need those anyway? Gosh...not like the lawyer or principal of my Secondary School knows about my "bad conduct" if i do have one recently...WHAT'S THE POINT OF GETTING THEIR SIGNATURE AND ASSURANCE THEN? You guys should have the "record" of my criminal if i do have one, isn't it? Goshhh. Even costs me like RM50 for the whole thing including the "RM 17 for cleansing" for the junction was the one i used to get to the nearby post office.

Okay, enough of those. You guys are probably getting bored with me talking about myself...:p I don't really have a lot of things to blog here...i think...hehe. First up, I'm gonna give you guys some sports update. During the recent World Cup qualifier of England vs Kazakhstan(have to refer back..again), Ashley Cole(a player for England) got booed after he caused his own team to concede a goal(comically actually). I shall not elaborate too much on that but what bothers me is that his "friends or teammate" defended him dearly for the booing. The thing here is that, why make such a fuss out of this? Good football player that got such reception will fall into mediocrity while exceptional players rise from the challenges. However, the world of football nowadays are full of kiddo and immature players where they, despite receiving more salary in a week than to me in a year(or maybe 2), they rant and complained much more than me. GROW UP!
p/s - This is especially to England players as i don't see other players from other country complained as much...and they sux in football - final.

Then, I've read something rather interesting in the web for the past few days. First up, is this.
It tells us where is the "money" that is lost because of the downfall of the market in US. Apparently, it says that all the stocks in the markets are just some sort of ASSUMPTION that the money is there. When the market falls, the value falls, and the "money" disappear. It tells me only one thing. You can have all the money in the world but nothing beats those money can't buy - okay okay..i know It's not related but i just wanna plagiarize the quote from MasterCard.

Up next, i was reading a news using the Yahoo main page when i saw this website.
It tells the girls out there how to make your guy love you more. Lolz. First of all, this is by no means any hint to my girlfriend but just a knowledge i thought i should share with everyone(guys and girls alike) out there. The concept is really simple. Make your boyfriend feel that way and he'll felt being with you means a world to him.

1st - To protect. Even with the evolving society nowadays, male are still what i would say "the protector" for our species. Male are MOSTLY born with this instinct and the urge to protect their beloved is undeniably there most of the time. As a girlfriend, make him feel that you needed him in your life. The catch here is - don't overdo it. If it felt like you needed him all the time and without him you will die, then you can expect it to be over soon. No, this is no fairy tales or whatever. THIS IS REAL LIFE, so get used to it.

2nd - Freedom. As told in the first point. Don't over-rely on him! Don't expect him to change! Don't say don't! :p Love him for who he is and not trying to change him(it might turn out worse if he did change). If you don't love him for who he is...why are you loving him in the first place? Let him have his social life and you have yours. I know most would disagree with me for this but it actually comes down to each of your personality. Apparently, i felt i loved my girlfriend more when i actually went out with other girls - the reason? - seeing the downside of other girls make you appreciate your girlfriend more. The more important thing is of course trust and maturity itself. If both of your are a secondary school student(or a mind of those), i would suggest you stop reading these as these in not applicable for you.

3rd - To shine. All guys are a way. Everyone likes to be respected and to stand in the spotlight but it applies more for guys. Guys are born with certain leadership in them and being able to use it SUCCESSFULLY, increases their self-esteem. And increased self-esteem brings to the happy them AND if you were the one causing them to feel that way, bravo, they would appreciate you more. Simple as that. Simple things like laughing at their jokes, listen to them when they are ranting(me), hug him in front of your friend, quote-"ask him to stand between you and another guy who you feel is too close at the bar" can all do wonders. :) Let him rave.

4th - Comfort. Being comfortable with you means everything to him. If he can't be feel comfortable with you now, how can he do it for the years to come? Nuff said.

A few interesting points that I've read and wish to point out is these...
  • Career is more important for them - period.
  • Fight and argue if you need! Don't keep it in your heart.
  • Wear his clothes and wear soft materials(rayon, silk) - go figure.
  • Quote - "Guys often hold back because they think most chicks are baby-hungry ring-hunters" - nuff said.
  • Change your style once in a while - he won't get bored with you and curious bout others.
  • Make him happy.
  • If you shine, and he "got" you, he shines

That's it for today! No movie review. No human review. Just a "simplified" joke for you to get through your day quote from the FHM magazine this month. "16 things we should have grown out of...". A few such as sibling abuse, picking your nose, masturbate as soon as you're alone, perving at boobs in articles about tribespeople, lifting your feet off the ground when pushing a trolley. The funny one - i feel - is this: "pointing excitedly at planes" - sole exception: when it's heading towards your office.

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